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A Happy Workplace Is a Productive Workplace

It is estimated that in 2018, mental health issues at the workplace alone is costing businesses a total of RM 14.46 billion, or 1% of Malaysia’s GDP. This cost is oftentimes presented by staff in the form of absenteeism, presenteeism, or turnover as a result of mental health issues. 

While there is an abundance of training providers offering services such as team building and workshops, there are limited options available for a one-stop solution that offer individual, group, departmental, and organizational-wide initiatives to improve employees’ mental health, motivation, and productivity. 

People Psychological Solutions offers a variety of services to best suit organizational needs in the fast-changing world of work. We consist of a team who are trained in the scientist-practitioner model in understanding, assessing, and implementing change in human cognitions, behavior, and emotion. 

When it comes to addressing the psychological needs of your organization’s human capital, we are here for you.

What corporate services do you offer?

Our corporate psychological services consists of: 

  • Employee mental health screening and/ or assessment
  • Group process and team retreats
  • Conflict resolution 
  • Crisis intervention
  • Corporate talks
  • Experiential training and facilitation
  • Individual counseling (off-site, on-site, online, and/ or combination)
  • Psychological debriefing (retrenchment exercise, post-conflict or post-crisis exercise)

As each organization presents with different needs and challenges, kindly contact us (click here) to begin collaborating on how we can best suit your company’s desired goals.

What are the rates for corporate services that you offer?

We are able to offer a combination of any of the services listed above based on the needs of your organization. As such, rates will be based on the extent of services that are being provided. 

Our existing rates to individual clients for psychological assessments and counseling are listed on this website.

Click here to know more about rates for psychological assessments. Click here to know more about rates for counseling. Corporate discounts available. 

Kindly contact us (click here) to begin collaborating on how we can best suit your company’s desired goals.

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