"Professional, Evidence-Based, Global Perspective"

Alvin Tan

  • Position: Clinical Psychologist
  • Experience: Treatment of Depression and Anxiety | Training and Facilitation
  • Location: People Psychological Solutions | Serene Psychological Services
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 017-899 2207 (office)

Personal Experience & Biography

I am a qualified psychologist registered with the Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychology (CP1-0087). With a passion in personal development, my mission is to facilitate adults, especially working professionals, achieve their fullest potential. Because of that, I have logged significant hours in private consultation sessions with clients from various backgrounds. I manage a psychological practice, and had also started up an online application to allow more digital accessibility to counseling services.

With a burning desire to reach out to more people, I have also been actively involved with professional training and talks throughout the span of my career. This includes coaching and facilitating experiential workshops in emotional intelligence in university.

The adult life is one which encompasses an exciting and productive period of self, family, and work. I would like to make that the best journey one could have.



Areas of Interest