"Professional, Evidence-Based, Global Perspective"

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Let Us Help You

Our capable team of psychologists are here to assist you. Each team member aspires to provide the best quality of care to each and every client.
psychologist serene tan

Serene Tan - Clinical Psychologist

Serene is experienced in the treatment of emotional, relational and behavioral concerns. She is committed to creating a safe space for clients to feel deeply heard, discover new insights and to explore alternative strategies in improving their well-being and relationships with others.
017-899 2207 (office)
xiao shiang a clinical psychologist

Xiao Shiang - Clinical Psychologist

Shiang works closely with people experiencing anxiety disorders, depressive disorders and other mental health issues. Following her interest in emotion regulation, resilience and mental health literacy, Shiang has presented her paper both in local and international conferences.
017-899 2207 (office)
psychologist and team member reading a book

Alvin Tan - Clinical Psychologist

Alvin is experienced in the treatment of depression and anxiety among working professionals. He advocates cognitive and behavioral skills development in improving psychological functioning. Skilled in training and facilitation, he is passionate about helping adults achieve their full potential.
017-899 2207 (office)

Fully Credentialied

Our psychologists have completed postgraduate studies in Clinical Psychology, fulfilled all mandated supervised training hours, and are full members of Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychology (MSCP).

Subject Matter Knowledge

All of our professionals are fully trained from a scientist-practitioner model in the prevention, assessment, treatment, and research of mental health concerns through an evidence-based approach.

Global Perspective

As well-rounded individuals, our team members are consistently up-to-date with issues affecting business, society, and the world; making them sensitive to environmental factors that impact their clients.